Tyre Baling PAS 108

Here at Rubber Recycling Solutions, we’re proud to use a range of tyre disposal methods in order to reuse all the waste tyres we receive to their utmost potential. Our team collect used tyres which are brought back to our recycling centre where every tyre is then inspected to ascertain the best strategy for its reuse.

Many tyres are not safe for reuse and are degraded to the point where ambient mechanical grinding is the only option. This process turns the tyres into a finer grade of rubber granule. These are then sent to be used to manufacture durable, weather-resistant surfaces for running tracks and playgrounds.

Many tyres are found to be within the limits of safe reuse. In this case, we carefully pack and ship tyres by the container load to countries as far away as India and South America.

For more information about our methods of waste tyre disposal, contact our team today. We are more than happy to discuss our processes in detail.

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